New traceability of food products in restaurants
Posted onWednesday, 21st of October of 2015byDelsys
Tags:trazabilidad productos alimentarios
Intolerances and food allergies are two issues that bring head to the estimated 10% of the population that suffers. Lactose, nuts, gluten or certain fruits can trigger such a severe allergic reaction that can even be lethal, though not often.
Great food consumption and the risk of allergens
Posted onWednesday, 5th of August of 2015by
Tags:Gran consumo alimentario erp alimentacion
n contexts of high dietary intake, risk of massive poisoning occur, the effects in the body of allergens (especially vulnerable groups such as children, who are more prone to allergies groups) run.
The pig farms to the tip of technology to traceability in the center of their growth strategies
Posted onWednesday, 6th of May of 2015by
Tags:trazabilidad alimentaria granjas de cerdos estrategias de crecimiento
No owner of pig farms may obviate the food traceability as a pillar base their growth strategies. Today, not only by the laws, which require producers to disclose to the consumer all about the product; concern for what you eat, sells and prevent allergies is essential for the food industry.

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