A software management tool that require your employees
Posted onWednesday, 16th of December of 2015byDelsys
Tags:Software gestión
In the production of a food product many people involved, since the raw material is produced on farms and production centers until it reaches the supermarket line.
Criteria for choosing a packaging system in food industry
Posted onWednesday, 12th of August of 2015by
Tags:Mar industria alimentaria
In recent decades, the food industry has benefited from large developments. Among the reasons for these changes prominently hygienic safety and sensory quality of food.
How to choose my provider of technology solutions for my catering
Posted onWednesday, 10th of June of 2015by
Tags:empresas de catering erp alimentacion
In recent years, the caterers have evolved, expanding its range and redirecting their marketing strategies to find new niche markets with more potential customers.
That quality management system chosen in the fisheries sector
Posted onWednesday, 3rd of June of 2015by
Tags:sector pesca trazabilidad alimentaria calidad alimentaria
To improve control of the fishing industry and good use of marine resources, in recent years, the EU has been regulating the fisheries sector with provisions that push the professional to computerize processes and make use of the advantages the new information technologies.
Changes in the labeling in the sector of fishery products
Posted onWednesday, 11th of March of 2015byCreacom
Tags:etiquetado de productos alimenticios normativa etiquetado normativa de pesca
The weight of the fisheries sector in the European Union is strongly portrayed with its 70,000 km of coastline that allow the development of a primary activity that contributes to the coastal regions 40% of its Gross Domestic Product.
8 excellent secrets of smart food that ever was taught you for to preserve food quality
Posted onWednesday, 25th of February of 2015byCreacom
Tags:calidad alimentaria seguridad alimentaria
Increasingly the linear of the supermarkets offer intelligent foods: this is what is known as smart food. But, what are they?
Food Safety: Bets of traceability in the fishing industry
Posted onWednesday, 21st of January of 2015byCreacom
Tags:seguridad alimentaria higiene alimentaria
In the agri-food industry in general, the quality appears as a necessary condition for achieving success in an increasingly competitive market and demanding, that develops processes of transformation and distribution of huge complexity that suggests the need to implement procedures of normalisation and quality control very exhaustive.

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