A software management tool that require your employees
Posted onWednesday, 16th of December of 2015byDelsys
Tags:Software gestión
In the production of a food product many people involved, since the raw material is produced on farms and production centers until it reaches the supermarket line.
Monitor management in the food industry requires an advanced feeding software
Posted onWednesday, 2nd of December of 2015byDelsys
Tags:software alimentación
Food security has become, for food businesses, in a decisive chapter in its management, as corroborated by the amount of human and material resources for this duty
Tagged with specialized software for the food industry
Posted onWednesday, 18th of November of 2015byDelsys
Tags:software alimentación envasado etiquetado
Improve traceability systems at all levels is a maximum sought by all companies manufacturing, distribution and sale of food. The law is becoming increasingly demanding with the information they must provide to different clients in different parts of the production chain.
Food safety in feeding in schools
Posted onWednesday, 4th of November of 2015byDelsys
Tags:seguridad alimentaria software alimentación
In June 2011, the Government of Spain passed a law limiting fats, sugars and salt in the menus that children eat in school cafeterias.
Key software to control and improve processes in the food industry
Posted onWednesday, 7th of October of 2015byDelsys
Tags:procesos industria alimentaria
The processes of the food industry, besides being complex, are constantly evolving. The production line has many actors, to be controlled by a single central manager. The steps to take food since it is a commodity, on the farm or in the sea, until it is consumed, are numerous and must follow the law to the letter.
Production chain and quality management
Posted onWednesday, 29th of July of 2015by
Tags:vacuno gestion de calidad
The food industry has to meet the stringent requirement of maintaining a consistent quality management at every stage of the production chain. These conditions have to ensure the production of different products: pork, beef, etc.
Iberian hams: the most modern ways to keep food hygiene
Posted onWednesday, 4th of March of 2015byCreacom
Tags:ERP alimentacion trazabilidad alimentaria programas gestion
The technification of management systems and industrial control is now a reality that has been settling in a definitive manner since the first decade of the twenty-first century.
How to choose my solution or my program of management catering
Posted onWednesday, 4th of February of 2015byCreacom
Tags:gestion de procesos programa gestion catering
The catering management programs are focused on the procedures of any business that is devoted to the preparation or distribution of food, as well as also firms specializing in events, convention centers and catering.

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