Posted onTuesday, 1st of October of 2019byDelsys
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Posted onWednesday, 30th of November of 2016byDelsys
Tags:Trabaja con nosotros ERP alimentacion
The college canteen management involves a great rigor, due to the strict regulatory framework in which food safety risk groups such as children develops.
The importance of traceability in organic food
Posted onWednesday, 20th of January of 2016byDelsys
Tags:trazabilidad alimentacion ecologica
Before proceeding to develop the concept of traceability, it may be necessary to specify what types of foods are called organic foods, also known as organic food or organic food.
Sofware de alimentacion, el mejor arma para una trazabilidad a raya
Posted onThursday, 7th of January of 2016byDelsys
Tags:Seguridad alimentaria sofware alimentacion
El trabajo, en las sociedades contemporáneas, está basado en el principio de mejoramiento continuado y en la búsqueda de la excelencia.
Key software to control and improve processes in the food industry
Posted onWednesday, 7th of October of 2015byDelsys
Tags:procesos industria alimentaria
The processes of the food industry, besides being complex, are constantly evolving. The production line has many actors, to be controlled by a single central manager. The steps to take food since it is a commodity, on the farm or in the sea, until it is consumed, are numerous and must follow the law to the letter.
Great food consumption and the risk of allergens
Posted onWednesday, 5th of August of 2015by
Tags:Gran consumo alimentario erp alimentacion
n contexts of high dietary intake, risk of massive poisoning occur, the effects in the body of allergens (especially vulnerable groups such as children, who are more prone to allergies groups) run.
Production chain and quality management
Posted onWednesday, 29th of July of 2015by
Tags:vacuno gestion de calidad
The food industry has to meet the stringent requirement of maintaining a consistent quality management at every stage of the production chain. These conditions have to ensure the production of different products: pork, beef, etc.
How to make optimal traceability in the pork sector?
Posted onWednesday, 22nd of July of 2015by
Tags:porcino normas iso
In recent years, consumers increasingly are betting more for pork. The pork sector, usually associated with dirt and pollution, now takes advanced positions in the finest kitchens.
Hospitals and food quality: an essential relationship
Posted onWednesday, 8th of July of 2015by
Tags:Hospitales calidad alimentaria
If food quality is essential in our life, in general, it is in hospitals. These are centers where there are different patients, often in solitary confinement.
Food Engineering: machine control industry Ham
Posted onWednesday, 17th of June of 2015by
Tags:Jamon industria alimentaria embutidos maquinaria
The food industry requires the use of fairly sophisticated machinery. To sample the hams and sausages that are sold in stores and served in restaurants needed indeed have specific machinery by which they can be managed the various stages of the manufacturing process of the ham.

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