Solutions to meet ISO standards in hospitals
Posted onWednesday, 23rd of September of 2015byDelsys
Tags:hospitales normas iso
Compliance with ISO standards (standards concerning certification and internationally) is part of the commitment to quality that characterizes hospitals.
Great food consumption and the risk of allergens
Posted onWednesday, 5th of August of 2015by
Tags:Gran consumo alimentario erp alimentacion
n contexts of high dietary intake, risk of massive poisoning occur, the effects in the body of allergens (especially vulnerable groups such as children, who are more prone to allergies groups) run.
How to make optimal traceability in the pork sector?
Posted onWednesday, 22nd of July of 2015by
Tags:porcino normas iso
In recent years, consumers increasingly are betting more for pork. The pork sector, usually associated with dirt and pollution, now takes advanced positions in the finest kitchens.
As the food industry of consumer goods monitored against food poisoning
Posted onWednesday, 27th of May of 2015by
Tags:industria alimentaria intoxicación alimentaria
Food traceability is already part of the obligations to be assumed by any company that is dedicated to intensive livestock (cattle, sheep and goats ...).

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