Posted onTuesday, 24th of September of 2019byDelsys
Tags:trazabilidad seguridad alimentaria
Do you have questions about your traceability system? In Delsys you will find the answers you are looking for.
Sofware de alimentacion, el mejor arma para una trazabilidad a raya
Posted onThursday, 7th of January of 2016byDelsys
Tags:Seguridad alimentaria sofware alimentacion
El trabajo, en las sociedades contemporáneas, está basado en el principio de mejoramiento continuado y en la búsqueda de la excelencia.
Food safety in feeding in schools
Posted onWednesday, 4th of November of 2015byDelsys
Tags:seguridad alimentaria software alimentación
In June 2011, the Government of Spain passed a law limiting fats, sugars and salt in the menus that children eat in school cafeterias.
Key software to control and improve processes in the food industry
Posted onWednesday, 7th of October of 2015byDelsys
Tags:procesos industria alimentaria
The processes of the food industry, besides being complex, are constantly evolving. The production line has many actors, to be controlled by a single central manager. The steps to take food since it is a commodity, on the farm or in the sea, until it is consumed, are numerous and must follow the law to the letter.
Food security: food handling in the center
Posted onWednesday, 2nd of September of 2015by
Tags:trazabilidad alimentaria Embutidos calidad alimentaria
Immersed in the goal of zero safety risk from processed and distributed by them food, food companies have integrated into their strategies to optimize food quality derived from those operations called "hygiene package" Regulatory Standards of the European Union extended by national provisions designed specifically for each subsector food, such as meat and cold cuts- derivatives.
Food traceability and increased sales of hams
Posted onWednesday, 26th of August of 2015by
Tags:jamones trazabilidad alimentaria
Food traceability is not only an obligation for companies, but also provides functional working patterns. It is, in fact, of a quality management system for products with which you work in the pig sector, especially in the production of hams.
The importance of hygiene in the catering
Posted onWednesday, 19th of August of 2015by
Tags:Catering higiene alimentaria
The companies in the catering sector is experiencing a major breakthrough, since few years ago. Above all, by changes in lifestyle of workers. It is as important as in any other area of ​​food here also maintain proper food hygiene.
Criteria for choosing a packaging system in food industry
Posted onWednesday, 12th of August of 2015by
Tags:Mar industria alimentaria
In recent decades, the food industry has benefited from large developments. Among the reasons for these changes prominently hygienic safety and sensory quality of food.
Colleges and food security: general
Posted onWednesday, 15th of July of 2015by
Tags:Hospitales calidad alimentaria
Food safety and quality products served in the menus is a key issue in schools, since children belong to risk groups.
Hospitals and food quality: an essential relationship
Posted onWednesday, 8th of July of 2015by
Tags:Hospitales calidad alimentaria
If food quality is essential in our life, in general, it is in hospitals. These are centers where there are different patients, often in solitary confinement.

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