Posted onTuesday, 24th of September of 2019byDelsys
Tags:trazabilidad seguridad alimentaria
Do you have questions about your traceability system? In Delsys you will find the answers you are looking for.
The importance of traceability in organic food
Posted onWednesday, 20th of January of 2016byDelsys
Tags:trazabilidad alimentacion ecologica
Before proceeding to develop the concept of traceability, it may be necessary to specify what types of foods are called organic foods, also known as organic food or organic food.
Sofware de alimentacion, el mejor arma para una trazabilidad a raya
Posted onThursday, 7th of January of 2016byDelsys
Tags:Seguridad alimentaria sofware alimentacion
El trabajo, en las sociedades contemporáneas, está basado en el principio de mejoramiento continuado y en la búsqueda de la excelencia.
New traceability of food products in restaurants
Posted onWednesday, 21st of October of 2015byDelsys
Tags:trazabilidad productos alimentarios
Intolerances and food allergies are two issues that bring head to the estimated 10% of the population that suffers. Lactose, nuts, gluten or certain fruits can trigger such a severe allergic reaction that can even be lethal, though not often.
Food security: food handling in the center
Posted onWednesday, 2nd of September of 2015by
Tags:trazabilidad alimentaria Embutidos calidad alimentaria
Immersed in the goal of zero safety risk from processed and distributed by them food, food companies have integrated into their strategies to optimize food quality derived from those operations called "hygiene package" Regulatory Standards of the European Union extended by national provisions designed specifically for each subsector food, such as meat and cold cuts- derivatives.
Food traceability and increased sales of hams
Posted onWednesday, 26th of August of 2015by
Tags:jamones trazabilidad alimentaria
Food traceability is not only an obligation for companies, but also provides functional working patterns. It is, in fact, of a quality management system for products with which you work in the pig sector, especially in the production of hams.
Central kitchens like you've never seen a professional
Posted onWednesday, 1st of July of 2015by
Tags:Cocinas centrales trazabilidad alimentaria
Within the food sector is particularly important recently it joined the Spanish language "traceability" neologism. In reality, it refers to closely monitor the development of a product, from its manufacture to its first final distribution is made. Precisely this process is carried out in a central kitchen
That quality management system chosen in the fisheries sector
Posted onWednesday, 3rd of June of 2015by
Tags:sector pesca trazabilidad alimentaria calidad alimentaria
To improve control of the fishing industry and good use of marine resources, in recent years, the EU has been regulating the fisheries sector with provisions that push the professional to computerize processes and make use of the advantages the new information technologies.
How to improve sales of cattle with food traceability
Posted onWednesday, 20th of May of 2015by
Tags:trazabilidad alimentaria ganado bovino ganaderia intensiva
Food traceability is already part of the obligations to be assumed by any company that is dedicated to intensive livestock (cattle, sheep and goats ...).
The pig farms to the tip of technology to traceability in the center of their growth strategies
Posted onWednesday, 6th of May of 2015by
Tags:trazabilidad alimentaria granjas de cerdos estrategias de crecimiento
No owner of pig farms may obviate the food traceability as a pillar base their growth strategies. Today, not only by the laws, which require producers to disclose to the consumer all about the product; concern for what you eat, sells and prevent allergies is essential for the food industry.

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