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Food intolerance

Food intolerance and rejection of the body to consume food or nutrients digested, metabolized or assimilated with harmful effects on health.

Great food consumption and the risk of allergens
Posted onWednesday, 5th of August of 2015by
Tags:Gran consumo alimentario erp alimentacion
n contexts of high dietary intake, risk of massive poisoning occur, the effects in the body of allergens (especially vulnerable groups such as children, who are more prone to allergies groups) run.
Criteria to consider before you choose a supplier of hospital kitchen
Posted onThursday, 25th of September of 2014byCreacom
Tags:seguridad alimentaria comida embutidos alimentacion
The efficient management of the service of providers is one of the most relevant plots in a hospital kitchen, because this will help to monitor the costs and the purchase process, with consequent optimization of budgets that this implies.

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