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Colleges and food security: general

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Food safety and quality products served in the menus is a key issue in schools, since children belong to risk groups.



Therefore, the management of this service dining and resources relating to a centralized kitchen requires a major planning effort. In fact, the role of school canteens, gradually gaining force in society (even outside the class period), as they are tending to fill gaps in an impoverished population by the economic crisis.



Today, it is critical to have a computerized data management tool scale to coordinate the different tasks required in a school canteen. In this sense, an ERP software with special modules for a school will help optimize resources in general: human, time, equipment, financial ...



SA roughly the kitchen of the school must meet certain legal requirements. For example, basic on traceability, food safety and prevention of obesity.



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The requirement, in these respects, is maximum. The number of children with vulnerabilities own age, which can be poisoned by bad food management is high. This circumstance causes special care in order to monitor the traceability in the food life cycle and control the presence of substances that create food intolerances and allergies.





The priority needs of the school kitchen



Roughly speaking, the ERP is to provide certain services: multichannel input orders, calculate needs, sales forecasts, management of supplies and stocks, tools, quality control ...




Facing a rational performance of these functions, the ERP will need to have several modules: a verifier menus that control the ingredients and the amounts of these, agendas of suppliers, customers and employees, data sheets making diets control Reception of products, inventory and overhead, MONITORING general student data ...


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ERP solution that offers

Once the issues associated with ensuring food security, those responsible for the cafeteria are interested greatly, avoid wastage eliminate with. That is, they seek to minimize waste and unnecessary investments. This objective to monitor the cost is embodied in the various modules of ERP.

Thus, it is possible, firstly, configured diets and introduce them into the software. Complete technical specifications on the other hand, facilitate the preparation of diets with appropriate restrictions. In addition, the establishment of manufacturing protocols allows optimization and cost items.

With regard to shopping, carry them out via the Internet will be an appreciable saving of time and money. It also may be merged, depending on the forecast. Not surprisingly, considering the use of a financial purchasing module, which facilitates the crossing of critical variables in this area: availability, pricing, stocking ...

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Rationalization of complex processes

In the end, the data management tool sheds some significant results in savings. Personnel costs, time commitment and correction of errors are reduced. Besides, an increased return on investment occurs because the real demand is the basis of planning.

This optimization of resources is observed, especially in the purchase of raw materials, which is adapted to the actual demand and leads to a decrease in their average amount.

Finally, it is interesting to contact companies responsible for marketing these products for more information, gladly receive suggestions.

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