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Hospitals and food quality: an essential relationship

Posted onWednesday, 8th of July of 2015by
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If food quality is essential in our life, in general, it is in hospitals. These are centers where there are different patients, often in solitary confinement.



These patients, as you know, have special dietary needs. In a number of cases, food will be part of the specific program to be followed by the patient in question. Overall, food in hospitals is of paramount importance, as it serves to maintain high defenses and help in the healing process.



You can imagine to work with so many variables and options is a need for organization that could not be met without a management tool of digital resources, ie, an ERP software.



They have to coordinate all resources (raw materials, equipment, human, temporal, environmental ...) to ensure food quality of the entire process related to internal power. Involved many people, who take advantage of this optimization of resources, in the daily act of feeding those admitted to the hospital: leaders, managers, pinches, cooks, assistants ...



hospitals food grade



We must not forget that this process is beyond even the boundaries of the hospital. Any product related phase that patients will consume must be controlled, with the maximum guarantee of food quality and safety: the killing of an animal or a vegetable collection, transportation and supply storage and subsequent food emplatado .

You can not skimp on the certification of traceability of food.



But let's see how it implements this ideal food quality in hospitals.





The specific needs of a hospital in food quality



Broadly speaking, the essential aim of any hospital, with regard to food, is based on each patient serving timely diet, with maximum guarantees of food safety and quality. Therefore, it has to dip into the ERP to solve the complexity associated with the planning and management of menus. For example, it takes an optimization on the procurement process to avoid wasting money or commodities.




In short, the management software eliminates the need for staff dependency and professionalize the objective decision making has to articulate the company.

hospital food security

The functional modules

Looking ahead to ensure food quality in each linked to food in a hospital phase, you assess the role of different ERP modules that offer.

First, we highlight the verifier diets. He reports, in real time, compliance with the diets. Considers therefore factors as: restrictions ingredients, nutrient composition, presence of allergens, cooking processes, organoleptic characteristics, calorific values ​​...

allergens quality hospitals

The module helps us making menus in the temporary administration of diets, depending on levels, allocations and efficiency criteria (dietary balance, rotating production ...). In short, proposes the right dishes for each patient can enjoy a balanced, healthy diet.

Finally, the traceability module ensures quality conditions are met, two-way in and out. It also facilitates operational solutions for collection and emplatado menus.

The benefits of betting on food quality

In short, it also produces savings in investments, time and resource in general.

From these lines, we recommend that you encourage you to request information from companies engaged in food quality. Your employees will be pleased to meet your comments.

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