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How to choose my provider of technology solutions for my catering

Posted onWednesday, 10th of June of 2015by
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In recent years, the caterers have evolved, expanding its range and redirecting their marketing strategies to find new niche markets with more potential customers. While initially these companies was focused to a more elite public purpose; Now, the products offered have gained popularity and acceptance in the wider population sector. This includes both communities (schools, companies, hospitals, etc.) and individuals interested in these services for weddings, birthdays and other family events. This increased demand makes the professional should be much more efficient to achieve success in your business. To this end, new information technologies offer appropriate management systems (ERP specialized in feeding), saving time and money for the employer more competitive.



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But, above all ... what, specifically, a management system or ERP and what advantages?



ERP is the acronym to refer to Systems Enterprise Resource Planning, a type of software architecture, thanks to advances in computer technology, allows a company to control everything related to the production and distribution of goods and services: Management inventory, billing, order management, delivery, state quality certificates, human resources and other needs resulting from the business. It is something like a "virtual back office", from which you can see and automate all processes in the desired time and from anywhere. The benefits of the Internet are utilized. The main advantage of this tool is that it concentrates the wealth of data generated daily in a business, in a centralized database, synchronized and organized into modules to facilitate the work.



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On this basis ... What aspects they are key to choosing the best technological solution for a catering?


Many management systems available today. However, choosing the right one, you must consider what type of industry and size of business you will need. In this case, it is advisable that a platform developed specifically for the food industry and is prepared for the control of quality and food safety is chosen. This is essential in this kind of business where you work directly with perishable products, with great responsibility to the consumer that this entails. Automate information and prevent dispersal give greater assurance that everything is under control and will know exactly what account surplus is planning to make a profitable purchase. In the same vein, it is important that the platform allows simulation of audits and have updated data regarding certificates and licenses.


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One last key question: What is the recommended platform for this sector?



Among the various options available, highlights ADA Manager. For several reasons. First, because through it the user can have data sheets of food to control each ingredient used. It also allows monitor the status of quality control in real time and manage workloads and productivity of employees. Financially, it can issue notes and invoices, but also design offers to improve business performance. Finally, verifier has a special analyzing the composition of the dishes and indicates which type of diets are best suited. As a result they can develop healthy menus, without any nutritional imbalance. For more information, contact an expert and ask for your budget.





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