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Iberian hams: the most modern ways to keep food hygiene

Posted onWednesday, 4th of March of 2015byCreacom
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The technification of management systems and industrial control is now a reality that has been settling in a definitive manner since the first decade of the twenty-first century. Thus, the management programs applied to the industrial world represent a breakthrough contrasted for the functioning of any company to facilitate the daily tasks associated with the production and distribution of goods and services. Within this area, the ERP systems in food allow to control each and every one of the steps of the production chain, management and distribution.




The ERP (acronyms of "Enterprise Resource Planning") are computer software, business management programs that integrate and centralize the basic functions of production, logistics, accounting, quality, distribution, inventory, billing, and any other area relating to the work that develops in a particular company. The purpose of these management programs is to facilitate the control of the different tasks of a company, centralizing them into a single software easy to use. In this way, the managers of the company or the responsible for its financial management may be aware, in real time, of all the aspects related to its competition, all of them also controllable from one or several computers.


hams software



These programs are composed of different independent modules which, however, act in a homogeneous manner to be integrated within the same program of management. Thus, the user of this type of resources, it get successfully perform a more efficient management of your company's information. A way of working that, by its clarity and immediacy, facilitates significantly the decision-making and, in consequence, minimizes the costs in time and money associated to the functions that the program of management covers.



Common needs and SPECIFIC needs


The Enterprise Resource Planning systems are likely to be implemented in any type of business, either your order the mass production of automobiles or iberian hams, as is the present case. Obviously, not all companies have the same needs of management or control, so packets that this type of software have to be versatile enough to adapt to the particular needs of a particular entity. What is certain is that there are certain actions such as accounting, vendor management or inventory, that if should be common to most of the productive systems. All of these and many others are centralized in these programs in business management or ERP. A company dedicated to developing of Iberian hams also has some specific needs, some just as important as the control and fulfilling of the basic measures of hygiene and safety, which should be adapted to the ERP program acquired. To this end, there are products whose content is adapted by default to certain classes of industry, in this case the food.


Hams ERP




The operation of the ERP adapted to food COMPANIES

In the case of food companies, there are several programs of management and Enterprise Resource Planning, all of them intended to facilitate the global management and to have a control as comprehensive as possible of all the points of the productive chain; from the first steps of development, until the healing, packaging, distribution and, as no, collections and payments to suppliers and customers. In the particular case of an industrial plant dedicated to the production and distribution of Iberian ham, the control and monitoring of the needs associated with their work would be complete. This would cover from the very moment that the raw material came in the company until a follow-up of the parts in your journey toward the final recipient of these. Through these programs can be created management efficient methods of monitoring and control of food traceability. Thus, it is possible to choose a ham determined within the range of all those that integrate the amount of production in a company and know first-hand everything relating to their production; your salting and rinsing, drying and the mashing time you need to reach its final elaboration.


processes jamon

It is also, thanks to the personalized tracking, of a very practical tool when it comes to controlling the hygiene of the hams. All of this is centralized in a single computer equipment that can be controlled efficiently from the comfort of an office, without the need to scroll to the place where it is located the part to follow at the precise moment of its inspection. But these programs do not serve only to follow and control the productive chain of the company or to keep a day some basic measures of hygiene. The ERP of food  integrated into a single program all the management needs of the company while providing the tools necessary to facilitate the implementation of and compliance with all safety standards, quality and, of course, hygiene .





The basic aim of any system of Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP in food is to facilitate and streamline the management of all areas of the company, in turn, to minimise the maximum possible the costs associated with the completion of these tasks. These programs provide end-to-end solutions (and integrated) to all the departments of the company, allowing the more complex functions or more distant to what in a principle would be the work associated with its purpose can be carried out in an easy and safe way. Speaking of the most direct way possible, Enterprise Resource Planning systems make it possible, if the specialty of a company is the development of Iberian hams, is able to focus almost exclusively on what you do best: in this case, develop Iberian hams.


develop hams


The assistance specialised of this type of management programs reaches all the administrative needs of quality, safety and hygiene of a company; needs that can also involve a considerable expense in time and money to the managers of the food company. All companies may require the recruitment of these systems, but it is clear that are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) who could benefit most from the work of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It is a question of resource management.


To facilitate the work in those areas that may exceed the dedication of a particular company, is produced a saving both economic (resulting from, for example, training courses, consultancies or legal advice) as in time (again training or shifting, to mention only a few factors). This savings positively affects the final results of the business activity. The management programs on food ERP also contribute to the implementation of the various guidelines and rules to be complied with in matters of safety, quality and hygiene, another of the major headaches for many small and medium businesses in recent times.


ERP savings


Ultimately, the application of programs of ERP in a food business is intended to facilitate and expedite the compliance of all kinds of paperwork associated with the work of this, while minimizing costs and increasing the time that the company staff can really devote to what you company operates, in this case develop Iberian hams.


There are currently in the market crowd of programs of this type applicable to a food company, that developed Iberian hams, some of the most popular are Galdon or SQF and highlights above ADA Manager especially for the industry of the hams by all functions that cover.



Some OWN functions OF THE systems OF Enterprise Resource Planning


. Comprehensive tracking, efficient and personalised in the chain of food traceability.


. Stock control, management of storage and inventory.


. Control of the hygiene of the product and advice for the implementation of mandatory measures.


. Management and control of cash receipts and payments; billing, cash control and estimate of expenditure.


. Time Management: timelines, task tables, etc.


. Teleshopping services integrated into the web of the company.


. Label printing systems, bar codes or associated material.


. Link with readers PDA for inventories, transfers of goods, etc.


. Integral Systems commercial tracking; advertising, surveys, etc.


. Generation of comparatives between departments or past financial years and path of strategies accordingly.


. Control and inspection planning for quality and safety.


. Generation of parts associated with control of raw material, direct and indirect costs or calculation of needs.


. Graphic history and active of customers and suppliers.


. Control of distribution: route generation, product tracking, etc.





The application of an ERP system of food to a company dedicated to the development of Iberian ham can have multiple benefits. There are in the market crowd of different programs, so that before you hire one of them is useful to compare several quotes to determine which of them is more attuned to the specific needs of the company.


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