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In the production of a food product many people involved, since the raw material is produced on farms and production centers until it reaches the supermarket line. Management software created exclusively for the food industry that will encourage all concerned to know at all times what is your work and what are the steps to follow to ensure all requirements related to traceability and quality that today require companies Power offer their customers.





The safety of employees when performing work, quality mark in the final product



The food industry is one of the most demanding when it comes to offering the best products for customers. And it can not forget that, after all, the food produced devour people and that any errors in the preservation of food will endanger the health of consumers.


Employees must perform many steps when they are in their job. Therefore, they can sometimes deconcentrated losing the rigorous monitoring of their work, which can impact negatively on the quality of the final product.



Therefore, finding a solution to help them carry out their work is beneficial for brands.



Employee safety




Standards for food handling



WHO (World Health Organization) appreciates that many of the diseases caused by eating spoiled food would be avoided if the manipulator carry out some simple steps while doing their work.








We recommend proper body cleansing, but you should pay special attention to the hands, which are food contact during handling. Must always be washed with soap and hot water (better if it is liquid in pill) and dry with single-use towels (paper better to discard after use). It must be flushed of hands:


- Before starting to work and when the day is interrupted for any reason: a break, eating out ...


- Before and after handling raw foods. Not being cooked, they are more likely to be contaminated than those already made.


- Whenever money was handled. Banknotes and coins pass through many hands before reaching the employee and are the focus of disease.


- If coughing, sneezing or using a tissue.


- After handling garbage.


- Always after using the toilet.


- Always having been in contact with pets.


- If you have used chemicals such as cleaning supplies, poisons or insecticides.



It is necessary that the manipulator also keep their short and in perfect condition and nail grooming brush before using for cleaning before and after handling food.


Responsible for handling food can not smoke or eat while in their jobs. Of course, you should never put your fingers in the food to test or use the cookware for mouthing.





Bless you



If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, the food handler can not carry out their work: vomiting, diarrhea, coughing or sneezing, as it could contaminate what you are cooking.





Food storage and preparation



When working in a place where food is cooked or processed, the current regulations introduce legal provisions to ensure that a number of conditions are met so that there is no problem with the consumption of food.


In the case of storage, foods that do not require cold must be dry, fresh, with good ventilation and optimum cleaning in places. If necessary to keep them cold, pay special attention to the appliances work in optimal conditions.







Furthermore, in no case should be stored nutrients in the soil nor in contact with the walls.


Raw and cooked food should be stored separately, and if this is not possible, keeping them in pots should be insulated or plastic bags suitable for conservation.


When you are preparing food, cooking temperature must be at least 70 degrees Celsius: this is the only way that bacteria can not reproduce and must avoid keeping food in a temperature range between 10 and 60 degrees Celsius, since this is when the rapid growth of bacteria occurs.


In addition, you should not ignore the preferential consumption dates or lapse of food, because once passed the same, the products lose their fitness for human consumption.





The traceability of food


In recent years, are being imposed in the food industry should be mandatory traceability of food, which is knowing where it comes from and why phases has been a product before consumption and to ensure that there have been no contamination they can endanger the health of people.


All traceability process starts at the farm: the consumer can know where tomatoes are born will eat, what pesticides have been exposed (if you have been to any of them) and whose hands have passed before get to your table.


In the case of animals, these controls will be even stricter and handlers at various stages of production should make sure to note precisely all the steps taken with the product during its participation in the preparation of food.





What offers ERP management software for the food industry?



As we have seen, there are many issues to keep in mind the food handler when performing their work. It is therefore essential to have an ERP management software specific to the food industry, as it will help optimize the performance of their work. Among others, the main functions of ERP management software for the food industry are:


Allow product tracking from origin to final destination, specific product and knowing the processes to which he has been subjected.


To optimize warehouse management thanks to the total control of stock, these managers have tools to control the food you are about to expire or at the end, thus warning the store manager what should I eat first, or you need to replenish urgently.




ERP Software

In the same vein, organize media logistics: from receipt of the goods to the delivery terms for customers and delivery routes or managing lots of sales.

Allow production and quality control with resource planning and production orders. In this way, customers will be more satisfied with the service offered, which will result in increased sales and access to other niche markets.

Commercial and sales management, as ERP management software for the food industry allows to control the usual customer orders and depending on the results of the campaigns that will be conducted, offering the same statistics in real time.

Benefits of ERP management software for food industry

ERP management software for the food industry offers many benefits to its users. The most noteworthy those who use it daily are the integration of the different parts of the business in order to ensure greater efficiency; greater control of stock and providers and greater accuracy when making important decisions for the company. But also, we can highlight:

- With the precision of recipes, each food is more optimized and therefore have less losses.

- Waste reduction, something highly valued in the food sector.

- Less cost of maintaining stocks: The stock is optimized to be just enough.

- Cost savings in processing the product.

- With an ERP management software for food industry purchases excess is removed above the necessary planning and optimizing respect to production.

- Product traceability is much easier.

For all this, purchase ERP software management in the food industry should be viewed as an investment in quality improvement and working conditions of employees. By using these tools, the working conditions of the workers, who feel safer doing their work in the company and also can ensure the highest quality and optimal conditions for the consumer products are improved end.

Surely a must to become more competitive in a difficult scenario like the one you are living in today.

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