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Food intolerance and rejection of the body to consume food or nutrients digested, metabolized or assimilated with harmful effects on health.

Great food consumption and the risk of allergens

Posted onWednesday, 5th of August of 2015by
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In contexts of high dietary intake, risk of mass poisonings occur, the effects in the body of allergens (especially in vulnerable groups such as children, who are more prone to allergies groups) run. As discussed below, a solution to prevent this real danger you can go through to launch, within the centers where food for many people, one is served ERP feeding.



Come up with a story that can help us understand the importance of conducting an allergen control.



At school in the neighborhood, they know the peculiarities of some students, who can not take certain foods because they are allergic to certain substances. Therefore, exceptions are made ​​in the usual diets and some specialized menus are prepared, for example, for those who are allergic to milk.



Thanks to the contacts of the school management, pupils was spending a few days holiday in France with kids living in that country. They were unforgettable days and telling the boys returned wonders about the deal and the food they tested.







This summer, the French have returned the visit, an event that had thrilled to the hosts. However, experience has not been as pleasant than expected.




The food has been the problem. The first day of stay of the French, a soup, which was prepared with some pills that gave flavor and nutrients are served.




In the afternoon, an activity was planned to visit the city center. Some French students (five thirty in total) began to feel ill. They not so much externalized, so, as there was trust, Spanish and schoolboys responsible for the tour even joked with them.

Late in the afternoon, he went to play a game of men's soccer. However, he did not get to dispute. The guys who were part of the French team began to feel dizzy and some vomited or had diarrhea. The home team, sarcastically, asked if they were afraid to lose the match.



He soon concluded that the boys had suffered food poisoning. And then the jokes are over.


The testimonies of the doctors who treated French children they confirmed that the poisoning was due to have used an allergen, specifically peanut was present in the bar composition of the soup.








As you know, the allergens are substances, harmless to most people, but they cause to other typical reactions that occur in the body to neutralize a dangerous substance. These reactions, on the other hand, are related to unhealthy symptoms like those discussed above.


The answer was immediate. He had fallen ill with the French, but mostly it had incurred significant risks to the health of people.



On the one hand, the company that served soup pills had not reviewed the presence of chopped peanuts on your product. It is breached and the labeling rules (European and Spanish) which requires reporting the existence of these substances. But this was not enough. It is hiring a was needed ERP supply , with a specific module allergen control .





Thus, we can monitor the entrance of allergens in raw materials, but also in processing and cleaning products.


In addition, this data management tool can reduce waste and ensure the safety and traceability of food.


Therefore, the disaster happened with the French need not repeated. ERP facilitates the adjustment of the special menus for students with allergies.




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