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Food safety in feeding in schools

Posted onWednesday, 4th of November of 2015byDelsys
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In June 2011, the Government of Spain passed a law limiting fats, sugars and salt in the menus that children eat in school cafeterias. To this we must add all the current regulations on food safety, cleanliness and hygiene, preservation and preparation of food and other aspects related to the development of menus. To work with guarantees, in compliance with the rules and avoid having problems with the administration, the best way is to have software specific power eaters schools.







Current regulations



Regarding food security, the current legislation is made ​​thinking of globalization, in taking measures to prevent food poisoning and give allergy sufferers an alternative to the usual menu.

In this sense, the highlights are:

• Keep in good condition and frozen food, which needs it, chilled until consumption.

• Wash hands frequently and above all, if one is manipulating food has gone to the bathroom, he has played other foods or you performed any work or cleaning off the kitchen.

• Follow the instructions exactly conservation of the packaged food.

• Follow the recipes made according to time and temperature of preparation.

• Keep surfaces clean foods are being developed.

• Wash all kitchen utensils when they are using and will change feed properly.

• When conserve, save each food separately to prevent contamination of one another.

• Eat food immediately after being prepared. If not, keep the preparation in good condition.







Food security in schools



In addition to the previous rules, a school canteen is necessary to follow additional guidelines to avoid greater evils small.

• Know the traceability of products to be used, from leaving the farm or warehouse until they are to be served.

• Avoid foods and beverages that are high in saturated fatty acids as well as those containing a high proportion of sugar, salt or trans fat.

• Development of menus with correct nutritional balance. You need to have a professional nutrition to ensure the health of service users dining children.

• To offer special menus for those celiac children (allergic to gluten) or with any other allergies or intolerances (nuts, shellfish, dairy ...)

• Meet the children with allergies and intolerances to avoid harm that might serve menus.

• Consideration should be recorded recipes and products to be used for the preparation of menus. Thus, the Administration may check the content of trans acids in products.

• Promoting healthy lifestyles.




Application rules




Why is food management software specifically for schools necessary?



They attending to the rules, there are many variables that must be considered when managing the menus of schools and therefore a complicated planning exercise is necessary. ERP software that has special modules for a school canteen help ensure compliance, in addition to optimize both human resources and raw materials, equipment and economic.




What special ERP software modules have a food security for schools?


If you are going to work with a team in the kitchen of a cafeteria, it is best to have a specific ERP management software for schools. In it, besides the usual other specific modules that will help the proper management of food children are added.

- Menus

In particular ERP software management for school canteens is a special module for menus. In the same those designed by nutritionists who work with the company serving the food in the cafeteria, to know for sure what dish will be offered daily menus can be introduced.

In addition, this module also bring added a recipe manager, with the amounts of each food that are necessary according to the number of menus that will be served, which optimizes the purchases of the same, saving time and money.

- Calendar of suppliers

Having an agenda of suppliers, ERP software management of food safety in school canteens to find a click that is required at every moment, if some raw materials needed to prepare the menus. Thus it is saving staff time, as the kitchen manager will not search phone provider agendas.

- Control of employees

This ERP software functionality food safety management in school canteens provide the information of employees who are working at all times, the task at and intended to complete them.

So, you can ensure that staff perform all tasks assigned and who is responsible for each of them.

- Preparation of data sheets diets

In a school, you can find children presenting various specific dietary needs, either because of allergies or intolerances or by cultural factors, such as religion.

ERP software with food safety management for schools, from kitchen developed specific food menus for each child should receive: alternatives for celiac and allergic or shellfish, dairy or nuts, and avoid foods that offer should not eat (eg, pork should be of Arab religion).

Thus saving costs, as more menus than necessary not prepared according to the guests who will be in the room at all times and can offer alternatives with guarantees that children should not eat any product.

- Reception control product

This type of management ERP software for school cafeterias offer a specific module for receiving products. Thus, it ensures the traceability of raw materials and know when they have reached the facilities where the school menu will be prepared.

This represents a great advantage because you can make stock control only a click, no foods that are not going to use and optimize storage conditions be purchased.

- Stock and overhead

As stated in the previous paragraph, the stock is very easily controlled through an ERP software management school canteens.

And it is that among so many raw materials is not surprising that employees are unaware of the real situation of the stock, if there is one or another product or need to acquire more urgently.

Control and cost containment is comprehensive ERP software through the school feeding management, as orders will be adjusted to the actual needs of every day to prepare the menus.

- Profile of students

Thus, the dining service employees can know the specific needs of the power of each one of the students. With a record of each, you can know their intolerances and allergies, and explain whether for cultural reasons or for their taste do not eat any food.

Thus, they are offered the best service to small customers.

- Shopping on the Internet

As an ERP management software connected to the network, purchases of raw materials for the preparation of menus can be made ​​online.

For anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen, this is a great deal of money but especially time as purchases are made in minutes (thanks to software and calculating the amount of each product is needed).

In summary

Any company or professional team that wants to manage a school canteen should be the acquisition of ERP software for food safety management schools into account. And it is that the rules to perform this work are very demanding. You can not forget that, after all, the feeding of children is one of the keys to grow healthy and in good condition.

The aid provides ERP management software to school canteens is invaluable.

The purchase of this type of equipment should not be considered as a cost but as an investment for the future, which also should pay off quickly. And it is that the savings in regular purchases is very high, allowing the purchase over the Internet, high stockage control or know the amount of raw materials needed for the preparation of menus in the following days.

ERP management software will help businesses to capitalize school canteens.


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