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Food security: food handling in the center

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Immersed in the goal of zero safety risk from processed and distributed by them food, food companies have integrated into their strategies to optimize food quality derived from those operations called "hygiene package" Regulatory Standards of the European Union extended by national provisions designed specifically for each subsector food, such as meat and cold cuts- derivatives.




This food regulatory system has ensured a smooth food quality policy applicable to all operators making up the processing chain, processing and marketing which is responsible for preventing the inherent health hazards to the functioning of the food chain and remedial measures to correct them. The focus of all interventions of food operators is the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) method did forget the traditional performances of finalist character, focused on prevention and binding on all participants in the chain.




Food Quality




The meat industry is suffering from multiple food standards involve a huge volume of documentation. Sausages imply for outstanding biochemical composition for bacterial growth, a serious health threat that requires tight control. It is therefore necessary to incorporate a software tool to effectively cover all the borders of their production and marketing.




Under Regulation (EC) 178/2002, traceability is the ability to find and follow the trail through the stages of production, processing and distribution of food or substance intended to be incorporated into food or likely to be. This allows to reconstruct the life of a food from its raw materials to making available to the consumer. Furthermore, it involves recording the following information:



- Traceability back referred to concerning the origin of products.
- Traceability of process, referring to the stages of processing and final product identification.
- Traceability forward, controlling the routes followed by the food up to the retail trade.



ADA computer systems with software generated all this documentation, manage alerts and HACCP deviations and issue reports and records related to traceability. In its mechanical operation, is responsible for setting the parameters that must be under control and organize the specific tasks of each employee, preventing the existence of gaps in decision-making and performance of work that could increase the risk to public health.

Food Quality

Such software helps the arrest of episodes related to food security, enabling the withdrawal of a food when it is considered unsafe and generating information for consumers, key pieces in the investigation of outbreaks of infection or food poisoning. It is part of the global name of ERP systems (enterprise resource planning) and software for the meat and food industry in general.

In the case of processed products such as sausages, chips product products include production formulas, EAN codes, expiration dates, details of labeling, etc. The module data sheets to catalog the characteristics of the products, including analyzer deviations and ensuring full identity between plant processes and forecasting data sheet.

sausages traceability

By ADA software, you may anticipate, based on the manufacturing forecasts, the workload and the estimated consumption of produce to create lots of charcuterie scheduled. Allows, in turn, will adapt to the configuration of the labeling and barcodes of products and monitor computers weighing and identification.

No doubt that the implementation of an ERP of these features can be an input of unquestionable positive effects in a production of sausages. Get a quote and consider it a long-term investment in the business.



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