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Food security: food handling in the center

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Food security in central kitchens is one of the major concerns of the authorities responsible for food safety. So much so that the laws provide for heavy fines for those who do not meet the recommendations.


Although they are easy to carry out, the rules of the handling of food are very strict: companies dedicated to cuisine prepared should train their workers and provide a specific software (such as ADA Manager) designed for the food sector, to help them to meet the demands.





From the time of purchase, you need to follow a few guidelines



The first and most logical is to acquire products that are to be prepared in central kitchens in establishments approved for that purpose, but also offer full confidence. They must be under periodic inspection of Public Health Services of the Autonomous Community.




food inspection





If it is not done this way, if you buy directly to the producer, not only the risk of getting poor quality products will be run, but the company may face sanctions if they are not in good condition.








The conservation process is perhaps the most delicate. Since the product is purchased, it becomes the responsibility of the buyer (in most cases) to provide good conditions, either during transport or during storage.




It should be performed as indicated in the labeling and never use products that have passed the expiration date or best.




Transport trucks and refrigerators factories must also be preserved properly. It is necessary to clean them regularly and check that everything works perfectly. Food must be kept in individual and separate trays. If something is thawed, can not be refrozen.



Much attention egg and preparations containing them. This product is particularly difficult to maintain and should always be in the refrigerator.




expiration date

Moreover, cleaning products must never be stored with food (could be contaminated or someone wrong container).

The work surface

All tables, cabinets, spaces and tools that will be used must be disinfected and should be protected from animals, rodents or insects.

Trash must be closed cubes made ​​of impervious material and it is not necessary to use your hands to open when throwing waste.

The food handler

All your clothes should be clean and should not smoke while working. Furthermore, it is obliged to comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (and others added every company):

• Wash hands frequently, before you start preparing food and always after using the bathroom.
• Disinfect surfaces and utensils will be used. Also wash them well when they are to be prepared raw or cooked foods.
• Protect food pets, insects and rodents.
• Keep cooked food separate from raw.
• Check thorough cooking of food and, if you have to reheat, ensure exceed 70 degrees.
• Do not leave food at room temperature for more than two hours time.
• Do not store food too long and if there is defrosted, is best done in the refrigerator.

food security


These are the basic steps to minimally ensure the absence of risk. In addition, Law 17/2011, of July 5, food safety and nutrition, defines penalties ranging from 5,000 euros to 600,000 euros. It is therefore preferable to enforce these provisions and no chances.

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