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Traceability as ability to follow all the steps of production, processing and distribution of food, from a feed to an animal intended for food.


Monitor management in the food industry requires an advanced feeding software

Posted onWednesday, 2nd of December of 2015byDelsys
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Food security has become, for food businesses, in a decisive chapter in its management, as corroborated by the amount of human and material for this duty, with a clear horizon resources: ensure commercial and health quality food and meet growing consumer demands. Achieving this goal is not easy, but new technologies have made available to those who manage the responsibility for food safety different instruments capable of uniting simplicity and efficiency. A clear example is the software supply, software tool of unquestionable value for manufacturers and companies dealing with highly perishable food.



Reduced margins with which you work in the food industry leave little room for improvisation in the management of raw materials, storage and logistics in general. ERP management software may be the guarantor of a highly efficient service in the supply chain, adapted to the life cycle of food and operate under strict sanitary rules emanating from the European Union and national and regional bodies.




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This ERP management software for the food industry has to meet the specific needs of this, beyond what traditional systems have been offering. Obviously, the uniqueness of the food industry requires the software used to watch feeding processors well suited to the vast variety of raw materials and products of all kinds working with food.



The activities of manufacturing, processing, handling, distribution and sale of food, in all its meanings, ie what is known as a food chain activities are considered health risk for the dangers inherent in their nature. Biological, chemical and physical contamination that any raw material or transformed food is susceptible to dangers posed to public health, the severity of which can even lethality. In this vein, the health authorities, in order to achieve optimum food safety, are considering the food chain as an integrated package for more than a decade and apply the aphorism "from stable to table", that is, from the origin of the raw materials to the final consumer, as has the White Paper on Food Safety of the European Commission.



A demanding food safety legislation



The implementation of this comprehensive view of the food chain eating places operators in the epicenter of the responsibility for ensuring food security, in such a way that may be referred to the articles of Regulations (EC) 178/2002 and 852/2004 to gauge the importance that is given to good manufacturing practices, handling and transport of food businesses, among which various subsectors, such as prepared meals.



Under such regulatory requirements, companies implement rigorous prevention and control measures to ensure maximum product quality. Forgetting the traditional and already passed finalist character of food control, casting its performance disproportionately on the analysis of the finished product and, on many occasions, and made ​​available to the consumer, the new food hygiene currents impose a comprehensive monitoring the food chain under the philosophy of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP). This practice, firmly established, since the enactment of Regulation (EC) 852/2004 referred to above, it is considered the best tool to prevent the emergence of pathogens, toxins and chemicals, ocasionantes infections and food poisoning of the recent History gives many examples, such as salmonella, dioxin poisoning, or botulism anisakiasis among more than a hundred diseases in epidemiological bulletins referenced.



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Indeed, the complexity of food law, which has been bringing the tip of the iceberg, sometimes becomes an obstacle to compliance by small and medium enterprises. This is a field where you have to have a particular impact good nutrition as software tool that allows these entities comply with current legislation simply and steadily. We know that, for small industries, compliance with all legal requirements can be a utopia, for lack of time, lack of "red tape" and lack of resources of all kinds. To facilitate the work and help these companies not threatened by the possible consequences of poor control, computer Delsys experts have developed an excellent tool to act as a safe and reliable food operator. This solution can now be a reality and at low cost.





Traceability, a key component of food security



The concept of traceability and reached important in traditional management systems such as ISO 9000-2008 standard, which was considered as an urgent necessity bring traceability to ensure quality and food safety.



Synthetically can be defined traceability or traceability as the ability to reconstruct, at any time, the path followed a food or raw material from its primary origin until it has reached the last link in the food chain. Obviously it holds the utmost importance when it comes to managing a food alert, in order to pinpoint the causes of health problem occurred. But it should not be treated as a concept traceability block but should be broken down into three layers:


1. Traceability back, corresponding to research the origin of each product or component.

2. Traceability process involving transactions recorded within a single link in the chain (for example, a factory).

3. Traceability forward, based on determining the destinations followed by a food or raw material, once it has abandoned a production, processing and distribution.



Monitoring the food chain by tax laws is not only an element of food security, but also provides the company with a number of business benefits, such as the best guarantee deliveries to customers and speed up the process associated with receptions and departures of merchandise. Surely a company that, using the power of software Delsys, keep a strict control of traceability, will achieve significant improvements with regard to:


- Batch control individualized.


- Improved management of stocks.


- Effective control of product development, which is essential in a quality system.


- Troubleshooting.


- Selective removal of products affected by incidents. A traceability system enables well established in case of food alert, optimize the reaction to the case, reduce costs and ensure the absence of timely public health problems.




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The ultimate solution: the ADA Manager software Delsys



ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) management is the solution to these problems for companies engaged in the business of supply. It allows them to efficiently organize processes throughout the chain and even gives the option to delegate certain management tasks. This system integrates production, logistics and distribution and customer left outside by nature "back office".

Among the features of the software feeding ADA Manager Delsys, non-exhaust the catalog, we can speak of:

-Formulation Ingredients, facing the responsible operator has details, only a click, which is handling the product.

-control Of lots for transfer to consumers, by the label, the food traceability information.

Flexibility: since each company sets its own food production processes, it is inevitable that software modifications allow feeding with agility. Without forgetting the need to adapt working methods to the changing legislation.

-Automation Process to optimize production and ensure compliance.

-Management Of warehouse and supply chain. It is imperative to have a permanent knowledge of the stock for the replenishment of raw materials automatic.

-Print Labels for packaging.

-Optimization Logistics for their applicability to the organization of transport and receipt of the goods delivered by suppliers.

-control Of commercial quality standards of the brand, as well as sales management in terms of turnover, target tracking, management of advertising campaigns ...

Health and quality-Control (monitoring the ISO standards (especially the 22000)), in all matters concerning the HACCP planning of inspections, training of food handlers or the management of non-conformities.

-Management Of the EAN codes: all units of issue must be identified with an EAN 13 / EAN 14 code, which are printed with the lot and / or expiration date or preferred consumption. This software lets you assign variables to the product features and automate data capture and registration.

In short, Delsys leading solutions for the food industry, offers sector companies its specific ADA Manager software. Undoubtedly the best investment they can carry out, quickly amortizing, to increase its potential and address new market niches.

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