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Traceability as ability to follow all the steps of production, processing and distribution of food, from a feed to an animal intended for food.


Sofware de alimentacion, el mejor arma para una trazabilidad a raya

Posted onThursday, 7th of January of 2016byDelsys
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Food security is a fact that affects restaurants around the country. The new regulation has tightened the requirements. More controls are given.



The work, in contemporary societies, is based on the principle of continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence. All companies struggle in their daily lives, by offering added value within a law that directly affects them, are subject to thorough checks of public administration and provide quality standards required of them have to serve, necessarily , specialized technicians responsible for implementing the standards that are imposed on them "from above".



The gastronomic sector and the restoration can not get out of this emerging trend due to the constant introduction of new products on traceability and food safety. For this, the ADA Manager software Delsys stands as the best weapon to keep control of the entry and exit of raw materials used to prepare dishes served to consumers.



food traceability software




According to the objectives of the European Food Safety Authority, ADA Manager is a key tool to "ensure a high level of consumer protection and restore and maintain confidence in the food supply." In this sense, Delsys, developer of s ofware feeding ADA Manager, is committed to providing the most advanced solutions aimed at maximum food safety and consumer care.



The list of areas that are directly affected by food traceability controls is long and encompasses industries and pig vaccines (sausages, hams ...), to the central kitchens of hospitals and schools, to consumer goods and, Of course, the catering sector and the restoration lately undertakes major reforms to be tamed to new quality standards relating to food allergens.



In the following paragraphs it explains what exactly food traceability and how this affects the input and output of raw materials in these industries. Also, it explains what problems can lead not maintain that control to ensure food safety and protect consumers from possible adverse reactions. Finally, we will discuss the important role played by teams in respect of the fixing process and traceability.




What is traceability?



The International Organization for Standardization (ISO, for its acronym in English), establishes the concept of traceability regulations 9001: 2008 and ASME 18001. This is a relatively modern terminology but which, however, has penetrated deeply into sectors Activity related to logistics, food and catering (hotel, catering, food and beverages).



But what it is really traceability?


The Committee on Food Security (AECOC) defines traceability as follows:


"A set of pre-established and self-sufficient procedures that provide insight into the history, location and path of a product or batch of products along the supply chain at any given time, through some specific tools."




food traceability




Since then, traceability has steadily more sophisticated and improved through the involvement of senior management in the process of food security and development of software and specific measures to make a detailed record of raw materials used to sell the consumers. Not for less. The problems may be caused, for example, food poisoning for a company's reputation could be a lethal for future development event.



Traceability can be understood in two ways:


1. Internal: involving members placed or handled products within a particular company.


2. External: represented by the traces that leaves the product or batch of products as it passes from one company to another.




Why is it useful to control the input and output of raw materials?



This activity requires an additional effort to the already costly implementation of a sectoral activity. Control the entry and exit of raw materials requires skilled professionals in traceability or, failing that, the development of knowledge of the staff already hired. Then the most important factors are observed to maintain traceability at bay:



Temperature: meat, 4 ° C; dairy, less than 8 ° C; frozen at -18 ° C and, finally, the fish must be kept at a temperature lower than 3 ° C. It should be recalled these levels and register them as they enter new raw materials, facing its conservation and power, thus providing consumers with the best product.




Food traceability




Do not forget that a bad conservation of food can cause the growth of bacteria that may contaminate the products and reduce thus, his life, with the loss of money that this entails.



Transport: the logistics sector and food distribution, of course, must be aware of every traceability processes to ensure it complies strictly with the transport chain (especially related to the cold).



Storage: all matters related to the storage of raw material always suggest the same: taking stock (sell) that first enters it. It makes sense if attention to the need to comply strictly with the time limits provided food expiration.




What problems arise if there is no control?



In the very nature of traceability they will associated with certain risks that could emerge if there is no adequate control of the input and output of raw materials. For example, the latent risk of food poisoning is not strictly enforced the limitation and to sell or offer for restaurants, hospitals, schools or contaminated food. In addition to the severe penalties that national and regional governments could impose institutional reputation of the company affected would be so damaged that require major reforms: whitewash, change of label, brand or branding ... well, a fact that only cause losses not only economic.



Bring order input and output of raw materials is a great ally to gain valuable space that in many establishments with cameras and small stores, will serve as a real shot in the arm when organized.



Do not wear checked or what enters or leaves the stock which means short term, a hole clearly unnecessary and avoidable expenditure. Optimized to maintain the whole chain of food production and processing must register each and every one of the steps that are giving food as they used to be.



Finally, inventory control serve to give a good account managers and owners about whether the work is being done diligently and accurately. The registered stock should leave a very slight margin for error checking that is not wasted or theft practiced within the company.

Team involvement in traceability

It is imperative that the team understands, in a multidisciplinary way, the importance of traceability supposed to protect consumers on food safety. Involve all stakeholders in the organization in a detailed record of the supply chain (input and output of raw materials, conservation of cold chain ...) it is vital to maintain the freshness and quality of food. Hence the senior management of many companies, for several years, has taken steps to equip its staff with the necessary skills to carry out this process.

More, if possible, in recent years when specifically all restaurants, regardless of size, must comply with rules on allergens to inform people susceptible to certain types of food on the composition of the menus or they can take in the letter.

traceability restaurants

Place the right trace, as these foods are coming is a task solely responsible staff to perform the receipt and processing of food and drink goods used to be sold to the final consumer. Hence upgrade their skills through training courses on allergens has been an activity of peak demand in the last months before the expiration of the period granted by the European Directives and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

Why ADA Manager?

The ADA Power Manager software, of Delsys, provides, firstly, the company flexibility to adapt to all processes (which are very specific) related to food. ADA Manager is designed to achieve the highest levels of food quality companies exposed to government and supranational regulations affecting Spanish companies.

In addition, the software is created specifically for food control and allows the transverse control every process of traceability and food planning. Delsys is clear: "We are not a company with more software, but the company with the most comprehensive software in power".

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