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Traceability as ability to follow all the steps of production, processing and distribution of food, from a feed to an animal intended for food.


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Posted onWednesday, 18th of November of 2015byDelsys
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Improve traceability systems at all levels is a maximum sought by all companies manufacturing, distribution and sale of food. The law is becoming increasingly demanding with the information they must provide to different clients in different parts of the production chain. Therefore, comply with legal requirements has become a major work and, in this sense, labeling has a great importance. Check the packaging, packing and palletizing of food in all its phases involves inevitably make appropriate to comply with current legislation, focused on promoting awareness of food products functions.


Since the extraction phase of raw material to final sale or consumption in school canteens or hospitals, the products go through different phases and all now should be fully informed. In this chain, they can produce a constant manipulation or inclusion of other additives that enhance the flavors or prolong the shelf life. Therefore, in order to put all this information available to the public (especially those allergic or intolerant to lactose, gluten, fructose and galactose), companies have begun to acquire some software that gives them power support the labeling process.




What is ERP software?



For its acronym in English, 'enterprise resource planning' systems or enterprise resource management. These softwares are raised as a highly beneficial tool to control and optimize guarantees all means of production. In the event that these technologies are intended for food, they are especially useful to develop different strategies for food security and to systematize every resource for the development of goods, whether distributed (companies that distribute) or sold retail. All sales agents, regardless of the process, seeking excellence, optimizing resources and maximum benefit. Therefore, software supply (for example, Delsys) offer countless benefits to digitize processes and always have available the optimal amount of food they need products that are manufactured.




ERP Software





Schools and hospitals



Given that, for example, canteens of schools or hospitals are subject, by law, caps calories to meet the standards established in a healthy and balanced diet, in the catering managers to meet food, both Children and patients, will be seen how, with the help of nutritionists, may develop and include recipes and ingredients whose nutritional values ​​have been previously assigned to the database ERP software. This technology, in this case, is especially useful for chefs, as they will know how much food is allowed to use in recipes to meet the health standards and food. Furthermore the power ERP software enable:



1. Check the preservation of refrigerated or frozen food and respect the dates set preferred consumption.

2. Follow the guidelines for food security for all the packaged, embedded and palletized food.

3. Respect the cooking time.

4. To comply with the recommended storage temperature for each product.



Health authorities pay special attention to these four patterns of food to comply with rigorous safety requirements imposed by the national authorities and the European directives. Thus include all data related to these processes in the ERP software supply is closely linked to the process of labeling and nutritional value of products. The packaging process, packing and palletizing: Following is a brief overview of the importance of labels in three different parts of the manufacturing process more common among companies will be held.





Packaging process



It is part of the process minimized. Manufacturers, depending on the demands of the distributors, can make packaging for distribution to retail stores, outlets or restaurants that do not demand large volumes of product. In this sense, the package labeling must contain all the nutritional information required by law: number of calories, amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat, everyday value and other elements and minerals that provides the product. Software supplies are a good tool to systematize the process of labeling containers, after inclusion relevant to each unit of product data.







Process embedded


It is the intermediate selling process: Upper and lower packaging to pallets. The boxes bear the containers should also be well identified and provide relevant information about your content, such as product literature. Report boxes with a result of extraordinary comfort when it comes to find the product you are looking for great food stores label. It is used, for example, large restaurant chains with freezers full of huge amounts of varied product. Save in boxes (not in containers) is the formula when ordered products or ingredients accumulate different characteristics.





Palletizing process



For department stores or companies with large volume of distribution or sale. Besides having a shipping container for you not remove the pallet, it must be properly labeled. It is the largest distribution unit and has more boxes and containers. Given the great weight that can reach duly noted the pallet is not only related to the traceability process. Move often requires the use of heavy machinery or motorized hand pallet to facilitate the work of the staff in charge of transportation and placement. A pallet label is a basic need.









Consumer sales



Furthermore, according to the allergenic substances that can trigger or a food intolerance, the European Community, EU Regulation 1169/2011, undertakes, from 2015, all restaurants and food outlets prepared to label products according to criteria focusing in particular 10% of the population, which is estimated to suffer food allergies or intolerances.


Although there are about seventy foods that can trigger allergic reactions, health authorities have put the magnifying glass on fourteen of them, the most common, and these must necessarily appear on the labeling in a clear and visible manner. The list is as follows:


1. Mustard

2. Sesame

3. Cereals with gluten

3.1. Wheat

3.2. Rye

3.3. Barley

3. 4. Oats

3.5. Spelled

3.6. Kamut or their hydrated varieties

4. Altramuces

5. Nuts in shell

5.1. Almonds

5.2. Hazelnuts

5.3. Nuts

5.4. Cashews

5.5. Brazil nuts

5.6. Pistachios or pistachio

5.7. Or Macadamia nuts Australia

6. Peanuts

7. Eggs

8. Fish

9. Crustaceans

10. Mollusks

11. Milk

12. Soja

13. Celery

14. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

Consumer sales

In this sense, make the cooks, kitchen or kitchen assistants know each food handling and use in recipes is a basic state when the transparency required by the regulations need. On the one hand, the restaurants should include the characteristics of their recipes in his letters and shops or supermarkets selling food must be prepared in a visible place or all the ingredients used packaging itself. And for all this, label printing reliably respond to the nutritional content of the ingredients used are required. Can you imagine one to have to score every time kilocalories per 100 grams of each of your recipes? Or score, ingredient by ingredient, its nutritional value?

Software supply greatly facilitate this arduous but necessary process mandatory for all options trades. Large chains, given the enormous health checks to which they are subjected for years, and used. Small and medium restaurants should start (if they have not already) a process of adaptation to the new regulation immediately.

Delsys as supply software, has a great chance of modules to suit the business characteristics, depending on the activity sector to which it is dedicated. Especially intended for optimization of raw materials and equipment, this tool is a real revolution for businesses that have it. Check the stock and overheads through regular updates on receipt of goods or orders, it is easier with an ERP software.

Do not hesitate to purchase one or request a quote, without obligation, to position the business at the forefront of food management and optimization. Be one of an industrial plant manager, owner of a restaurant or cook, we must find out all the benefits that the software can provide power to improve the business and provide all information demanded by the current law on traceability and food safety. Do not hesitate, you have to buy and enjoy a new way to manage resources, packaging or raw materials, in order to offer customers the best service.

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