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Posted onWednesday, 30th of November of 2016byDelsys
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The college canteen management involves a great rigor, due to the strict regulatory framework in which food safety risk groups such as children develops. Principals need to have tools to support the management of the plot of the direction of the schools, which play significant role terrain ERP for feeding, specialized software that captures information on production processes and allows simple and flexible management.




1. Comply with regulatory requirements



Health authorities have implemented food safety measures , traceability and obesity prevention to balance the rations provided in schools. It also emphasizes the implementation of traceability to control the presence of substances that cause allergies and food intolerance. It must address the ERP in which the trust is deposited.




2. Cover the food security challenges



Current challenges translate to ensure consistent quality, which makes it necessary to select a feeding ERP simplify processes and improve planning, in terms of:


Sales-provisions and calculation of needs.
-Management Of supplies.
-tools Quality control.
-Management Of stocks.
Multichannel -entrance orders.



food grade schools


3. well-defined sections


It is important that this ERP count with different agendas as employees, suppliers and customers sections; control overhead, stock and receipt of products; technical specifications of making menus, a verifier of diets that provide details of the ingredients incorporated into the dishes and quantities to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the diet, etc.




4. Flexibility and scalability



The organization needs a management system cafeteria alterations are susceptible to the ERP supply must be able to adapt and discard future limitations that constrain the project.





5. intuitiveness of use



The higher the intuitiveness in the use of ERP, will provide more productive investment return then, in this way, it will be possible to make unnecessary or at least greatly reduced, the costs of training, always cumbersome and onerous.



Control schools




6. suitable development model



An ERP project to feed pivots on three elements: products, implementer and company. It is pertinent to ensure that the implementing treasures sufficient experience in technology. For longevity it presupposes an ERP, it is important that their technology is not left prematurely obsolete, implying a convincing roadmap.

7. Functional requirements

The first analysis before the acquisition of an ERP feeding passes to distinguish between what should meet and what would be desirable, making it necessary to prioritize. Initially should rule implementations of additional modules for functional requirements.

8. Backup ERP provider

An essential guarantee that the implementer will provide adequate support that is required is to have the ERP support provider. Working with an Official Partner is essential to have the best advice in routine management.

9. Flexible Financing

The implementation of an ERP is an investment in a productive return is expected. It is desirable that costs are reasonably distributed over time, so a model to fractional amounts similar funding will be sought.

erp schools

10. Search user references

Gathering opinions from colleagues who have applied software of this nature in the food management of their schools will provide valuable testimony that surely will suggest or rule out certain ideas.

Who heads a cafeteria must be convinced that ensuring the quality of service and economic optimization demand the choice of an ERP for reliable feeding. Do not delay your decision and purchase it already: weigh the criteria for the effectiveness of their service and ask for a quote.

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