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Animal Recording (DIB)

This process is performed automatically health registration guide and animal DIBS.
Performs control animals receiving.

- Easy to use, eliminates manual entry and reduces human error.
- Compliance with all requirements of legal traceability.
- Dynamic Introduction of DIBS.

registro de animales

control de sacrificio

Control of Sacrifice

This module control room sacrifice is performed with real-time control of the production chain.

Control of classifications is fully configurable.

- Real-time control.
- Actual knowledge of the yields of each farm, type of animal, ... (know for example the actual loss of oreo and factúrela customer).
- Analyze current production and discover lost.
- Compliance with all requirements of legal traceability.



This module integrated management of the process to issue (control weighing and labeling) is permitted.
Allows automatic management of sales orders, manage batch traceability and disqualifications.

- Optimizes the issuance process.
- Eliminates manual entry and reduces human error.
- Complete identification and control of each final product.
- Reduced hours / operator in the expedition.
- Flexibility and speed of reaction to market demand.


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