Your hams, always to the point


controls each ham from your office


This process is done automatically classifying

and identification piece by piece.


Control quality parameters, sampling, control defects, forecast salting, etc. It is done ...


- Individual identification of each piece.
- Differentiation by type of ham and weight range.
- Automatic sorting by weight.
- Compliance with the Standards of Quality.

  controls each ham from your office
to the point of salt  



This module control room salting is done by controlling the input and output estimates of the camera.


Constructions of the hanger off the salt are also controlled.


- Control Parts washing.
- Check the amount of salt for each ham nitrifying.
- Planning and verification of work orders.
- Classification decline off the Sal.
- Automatic construction of hangers for post-salting, drying, ... etc.

control your drying


This module and the planning and control of the theoretical sequence enables healing processes.


Reduction controls, quality controls defects, record movements are performed.


- Improved product quality.
- Ensures consistency of product to the customer.
- Actual stock status.
- Planning of movements.
- Control of pilots.

  control your drying
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not all operators equally boned  



This module productivity, performance and process traceability boning cured ham is obtained.


Once the ham is cured or semi-cured, the deboning process allows control of the operator productivity and performance by deboning process. For each ham, the program lets you record the weight at the beginning of the process, and once boning allows the identification of the operator, and the final weight of each of the pieces.


- Actual loss of each of the parts.
- Production by Operator / shift.
- Performance of each operator (base pay by objectives)



The module performs slicing massive production control room, obtaining traceability and real yield per line.


Slicing module begins with reading and weight of all the blocks that come in each line. Information is entered directly on-line.


- Knowledge of the actual production.
- Performance by line item, shift, ... etc.
- Automatic labeling of envelopes, boxes and pallets.
- Control the stock of finished product.

  slicing room





This module integrated management of the process to issue (control weighing and labeling) is allowed.


Allows automatic management of sales orders, manage batch traceability and forfeitures.


- Optimize the issuance process.
- Eliminates manual entry and reduces human error.
- Clear identification and control of each final product.
- Reduced hours / operator on the expedition.
- Flexibility and quick reaction to market demand.

You Produces hams and want to have everything controlled from your office?

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