The pork sector more controlled


Classification of channels

By this process control animals receiving is performed subsequent slaughter. The system is equipped with a programmable control system classifications.

- Control animals receiving.
- Unique Identification animal.
- Management of seizures.
- Management of maquilas.

Clasificación de canales

Management despieze

This module controlling the cutting is done by optimizing the process with greater control of production.

Management and configuration of sets and types of cuts to optimize yields.

- Income for items, products, livestock, ... etc.
- Process optimization.
- Forecast sales job requirements.
- Traceability individual piece Noble.
- Lets meet any requirement traceability control and quality control.

Gestió de despieze


This module integrated management of the process to issue (control weighing and labeling) is permitted. Allows automatic management of sales orders, manage batch traceability and disqualifications.

- Optimizes the issuance process.
- Eliminates manual entry and reduces human error.
- Complete identification and control of each final product.
- Reduced hours / operator in the expedition.
- Flexibility and speed of reaction to market demand.


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