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Product Data Sheet


The module enables full data sheets and unique definition of all the features of the products of the company. This module is the heart of the ADA system.

- Definition of centralized enterprise data.
- Automatic generation of technical documents tab.
- Reduced time to full-time / manual errors.
- 100% Guarantee between plant processes and the actual definition of the data sheet.

  Product data sheet
handling of fish  

Fish handling


By Ada Mar modules, the system can be calculated from a few manufacturing requirements, workload and consumption of products for developing production by controlling these processes.

- Control of the classification process.
- Performance gutted.
- Control of the thread.
- Control of the process of icing.
- Knowledge of losses and yields.
- Compliance with quality standards (HACCP data sheets, labor riesols, ISO / IFS / BRC).

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SERHS FOOD - Central cooker - 1
ADA Manager Implementation and development tailored to meet specific customer needs.
SERHS FOOD - Hospitals
A management model of hospital catering unique, differentiated and innovative was implanted with the following benefits ...



By semi-module full control of the entire process is performed semi-preserved and preserved. The system allows the configuration and labeling of products with customized specifications of the clients.


- Control of the product classification.
- Control of the formulation process.
- Planning and performance of the brine.
- Automation of packaging.
- Labeling in multiple languages.
- Knowledge of losses and yields.
- Compliance with quality standards (HACCP data sheets, occupational hazards, ISO / IFS / BRC).

Logistics and Distribution


The Logistics and Distribution modules enable the definition, planning and execution of the entire supply chain of your company. Using cutting edge technology improvement and production cost reduction in all logistics operations is achieved.

- Reduction of 90% of the time management and quality management.
- Picking Technology Radio Frequency and Voice Picking.
- Security Profiles for each access to the controls.
- Real-time tracking of the movement and location of the product.
- Registry exact authorship and current productions.  

  LLogistics and Distribution
You Produces hams and want to have everything controlled from your office?

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