EAT OUT Control of all the nutritional management and allergens of all products
"Check all the nutritional management i allergens all products sold by the company and ensure quality standards"
Sector alimentario:
Smart food

Modules ada manager:   


Initial Needs


Check all the nutritional management i allergens all products sold by the company, with the functionality to comply with the new labeling standard.

Solution developed


ADA core module of the platform that controls the integrated data sheets entered ADA Manager is incorporated.




- The quality department EAT OUT has a unique corporate tool to define and control all (nutritional / allergen) technical characteristics of the products made ​​for the different group companies.


- Ensure that the raw materials used are correct and follow the standards of quality that marks the quality department, des of a nutritional, physicochemical and organoleptic.


- Ensure that the raw materials do not create allergies, based on criteria established by the quality department.


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