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The importance of hygiene in the catering

Posted onWednesday, 19th of August of 2015by
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The companies in the catering sector is experiencing a major breakthrough, since few years ago. Above all, by changes in lifestyle of workers. It is as important as in any other area of food here also maintain proper food hygiene.



Keep in mind that some cases of foodborne diseases have occurred in the catering sector and this has meant that the administration put the spotlight on the sector and adjust existing rules and create new ones to offer a greater assurance to the consumer.



It is mandatory, and so establishes the European Union, through Regulation 852/2004, apply methods of self and analyze risks and critical points in the process of production and distribution of food.



In industry the food sector in general has been doing for quite some time, but in the case of catering companies and , so far, is more complicated the implementation of measures how are you ensuring food security.




food hygiene



In many cases, people who handle food in these companies do not have the right skills, attitudes and appropriate behaviors. Even they not observe good practice in food hygiene and safety.



Food hygiene is vital. Who ultimately consume food need all those involved in its development process to focus on the product that is in their hands meets basic standards of hygiene demanded.



It is important, in fact, covered disinfection, which is performed with specialized machines that perform a fundamental role.




What is clean? Mostly, remove stains from the surface using hot water and detergent.

And what does disinfect? It is to go far beyond cleaning, thus also microorganisms that could harm consumer foods are eliminated. This work is carried out with extremely hot water and a disinfectant that is not toxic to the human body.

First, you must follow these steps: eliminate waste and food scraps and preenguajar silverware and flatware order. Then they wash with clean hot water and detergent.

Later, cutlery have to rinse with hot water and to avoid any infection. And finally, it must use a sterilizing solution or water at 80 for 30 seconds.

In the case of using a machine, they have to remove likewise waste and flush covered that will be washed. After they will be placed inside the machine, so that the water wets uniformly.

catering hygiene


The employee in charge of such a task must follow the instructions of the machine, as indicated by the manufacturer, and never will use dryers or towels to dry utensils, once washed and disinfected. It is appropriate to dry at room temperature.

There is heat disinfection. It is the most common avoid infection with the use of covered way. It is using very hot water.

And you can also disinfect utensils used with the use of chemicals such as chlorine, a disinfectant that is used very often, because of its low cost and also because it is very effective at very low temperatures. Furthermore, it is effective in removing a large number of organisms.

Moreover, iodine is also commonly used. This is an effective disinfectant and little corrosive, so it is also less irritating than chlorine outlined above.


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