Central kitchens always planned

Central kitchens

Product Data Sheet

The module enables full data sheets and single definition of all the features, controls and qualities of the products of your company. The system includes an analyzer and calculates daily global imbalance compensation.

- Centralize data from the company.
- Automatically generates documents sheet.
- Connect to the factory in real time.
- Ensures compliance al100% between plant processes and the actual definition of the data sheet.

ficha técnica de producto
planificación de la producción Production Planning


By Ada Plant modules, the system can be calculated from a manufacturing requirements, workload and consumption of products for carrying out production (model infinite capacity) and creating production orders.

- Structure unlimited levels deep.
- Knowledge of expected resource consumption.
- Forecast workloads.
- Optimization of productive tasks.
- Custom definition through conceptual levels (optimal manufacturing, low cost, etc.).
- Custom definition of pilots.

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ADA Manager Implementation and development tailored to meet specific customer needs.
SERHS FOOD - Hospitals
A management model of hospital catering unique, differentiated and innovative was implanted with the following benefits ...


Thanks to Ada Trace control module receiving and shipping of products company with various models of standard management (pre-picking, picking, direct shipment (fixed and variable weight) is performed.

The system allows you to customize the configuration and labeling of products according to the specifications of customers.

- Monitors compliance orders buy / sell.
- You can configure variants barcode labeling and product.
- Performs a two-way traceability (input to output and output to input).
- Controls and monitors the various equipment weighing and identification of the company.
- Sample productivity per worker and event logging.

Quality control

Ada Quality module allows the definition, planning and implementation of all quality control of the company. By the planner, the system performs a full track controls realtime plan and provides complete management of incidents and corrective actions. Guarantees 100% compliance checks in real time.

- Reduce by 90% the time management and quality management.
- Performs automatic association of health checks to articles / batches.
- Provides security profiles for each access to controls.
- Run real-time monitoring of compliance controls.

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