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Preparation Checker diets

By verifier diets, the program analyzes the composition of a dish and informs the system in real time diets fulfilled strictly.

By analyzing the nutritional composition, cooking processes, the composition of allergen ingredients restrictions and compliance with external features, the system determines whether the preparation of a dish or meet the requirements of a diet.

In case of no compliance, the system informs you of the reasons why the dish is not valid for a diet: allergens, nutrients, ... so that you can correct the composition and manufacturing process to ensure Dish the proper administration of a diet.

verificador de dietas

Clothing Menu

With this module, the company can create, configure and manage menus. Includes creating multiple levels (Julian day, food, plate, ...) with definition of efficiencies (rotations production, dietary balance, ...) and unlimited assignments diets.

By "Checker Diets" full compliance with all diets is ensured by combinations assigned all dishes on the menu.

The system provides multiple tools dietitian support for the creation and verification of menus:

- Proposes correct for each diet dishes.
- Set defaults.
- Notifies nutritional decompensation.

These tools are ideal for the dietitian to create a healthy, safe and reliable in minutes menu.



The system allows it to meet 100% traceability requirements in internal processes, like this:

- Monitors compliance with food quality recepcionados.
- Performs a two-way traceability (input to output and output to input).
- Provides a simple and innovative collection of menus on the same floor by lpads.
- Provides the option of Light or Put To serve with small or hospitals or Pick by Light and tape emplatado in large hospitals.

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