SERHS FOOD tracking, quality and cost reduction
"100% traceability from goods receiving to delivery to the patient. Guaranteed quality and significant reduction in costs related to personnel management. "
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ADA Hospitals

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Initial Needs


Ensure that each patient is given the set meal based diet with high quality and food safety.


Solve the problems and complexity of managing and planning menus hospital.


Need to take a management tool cart.


Transferring knowledge and decision-making at a target software and managed entirely by the company. Delete personal dependency, professionalizing management in decision making.

Solution developed


A management model of hospital catering only, differentiated and innovative, with the following advantages implant.


- Shopping web portal. Users have all qualified and tailored to the individual patient caseloads menus based on your dietary preference and / or need.


- Menu planning system.


- Integration with hospital software, linking patients, diets and rooms.

- Process of receiving goods. Home traceability, warehouse management and supply area plated.


- I emplatado assisted management in order to achieve the task of emplatar being directed by an automated system and avoid making decisions on the part of those responsible for emplatar.


- Maximum control in food traceability.


- Transfer of control and decision making of the system operators.



100% traceability from goods receiving to delivery to the patient.

- Save eliminating health sanctions
- Optimally manages expirations


Guaranteed quality. Removes specifications related to diet failures and caseloads of patients (allergens, caloric values, and organoleptic characteristics isicoquimicas)


Significant reduction in costs related to personnel management and dependence on knowledge.


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A management model of hospital catering unique, differentiated and innovative was implanted with the following benefits ...

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